Jun 04, 2023  
2020-2021 Graduate Catalogue 
2020-2021 Graduate Catalogue Archived Catalogue

CHM 597 - Comprehensive Literature Review

Course Description: The ability to survey the literature is the basis of advanced learning in chemistry.  In this course students are taught the fundamentals of scientific literature searching and will be required to demonstrate the ability to apply their chemical knowledge to the discussion of a topic in the chemical literature.  The topic to be reviewed will typically take the form of a written review article requiring the student to survey and synthesize current literature, explain the chemistry essential to understanding the topic and provide an extensive bibliography.

Credit Hours: 3

Corequisite Courses: None
Prerequisite Courses: None
Additional Restrictions/ Requirements: 12 credits of graduate level chemistry.
Course Repeatability Course may not be repeated


Equivalent Courses: None
Undergraduate Crosslisting: None
Additional Course Fees: None
Course Attribute: None

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