Mar 27, 2023  
2020-2021 Graduate Catalogue 
2020-2021 Graduate Catalogue Archived Catalogue

CMR 531 - Ethics in International Affairs

Course Description: This module examines several international relations traditions and finds that thinking about what one should do is an important part of our ability to analyze the way in which states and other actors interact. Understanding ethics also informs our ability to decide what our own nation should do; it is vital to our responsibilities as citizens. The graduate course on Ethics in International Affairs examines ethical frameworks such as consequentialism, liberalism, utilitarianism, and Just War Theory, as well as several non-Western ethical traditions, including the Islamic tradition. Students will analyze cases involving war/intervention, terrorism, justice, multinationals, and the environment.

Credit Hours: 3

Corequisite Courses: None
Prerequisite Courses: None
Additional Restrictions/ Requirements: None
Course Repeatability Course may not be repeated


Equivalent Courses: None
Undergraduate Crosslisting: None
Additional Course Fees: None
Course Attribute: None

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