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2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalogue 
2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalogue Archived Catalogue

IV. Explorations Beyond the Classroom

(1 approved experience from the options below - may be integrated into the major or any of the components of University Studies. These requirements must be fulfilled at UNCW.)

Explorations Beyond the Classroom are high-impact educational experiences that help students integrate ideas and skills learned in the classroom with opportunities and challenges outside the classroom. Explorations experiences fall within these four categories:


These options are generally credit-bearing research or creative projects that involve close work with a faculty mentor; they frequently take the form of a Directed Individual Study (DIS) or Honors project.


These options involve applying content knowledge and skills to real-world problems, often taking the form of work with a professional outside the classroom in a variety of traditional applied settings, including internships, fieldwork, practicum, and student-teaching.

Regional Engagement

These options include course-embedded service learning projects with community-based organizations (profit or non-profit) that may not currently result in academic credit but represent substantial opportunities for students to gain direct experience with issues they have encountered in coursework.

Exploration Away

These options include all education exchange and abroad options approved by the Office of International Programs.

Approved Experiences

The completion of one approved experience, credit or non-credit bearing, is required here:

Non-credit bearing Explorations Beyond the Classroom