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2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalogue 
2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalogue Archived Catalogue

Economics, B.A.

While the B.S. degree in business administration with a concentration in economics requires the completion of core classes in many business disciplines, the B.A. degree in economics is, in essence, a liberal arts program that focuses on economics. Because of the relatively small number of required hours in the B.A. major, students are provided the flexibility to pursue a second major, a minor, or classes that will prepare them for employment opportunities or graduate work. The B.A. is especially recommended for students who desire to pursue graduate work in economics, public policy, and law.

Requirements for Admission

to be formally admitted to the Bachelor of Arts in Economics program in the Cameron School of Business, a student must meet each of the following admission requirements:

  1. Completion of a minimum of 12 credit hours at UNCW including at least 6 hours of economics at the 200 or higher level.
  2. Completion of at least 30 credit hours.
  3. Completion of each of the following courses with at least a “C-“: MAT 151  or MAT 161 ; BAN 280  or STT 215 ; ECN 221  or ECN 222 .
  4. An overall grade point average of a least 2.70 on a 4.00 scale for all course work attempted at UNCW.
  5. Completion of the Cameron School of Business admission application.

Computer Requirement:

To satisfy the computer requirement for the B.A. degree in Economics a student must successfully complete ECN 377 .

Oral Communication Requirement:

To satisfy the oral communication requirement for the B.A. degree in Economics, a student must successfully complete COM 101  or ECN 432 .

Requirements for a B.A. Degree in Economics:

Students may qualify for the B.A. degree by:

  1. Successful completion of requirements as stated under University Regulations of this catalogue;
  2. Attaining a minimum grade point average of 2.00 on all courses attempted in the Cameron School of Business;
  3. Successful completion of the courses designated for the degree program (At least 50 percent of the business credit hours required for the degree program just be taken at UNCW):
    a. Completion of a University Studies Program as defined in this catalogue
    b. Cameron School of Business Economics Core Requirements (39 semester hours)
    c. Elective Courses: completion of elective courses sufficient to complete a minimum of 120 semester hours of course credit. Electives are to be chosen by the student after consulting with the faculty advisor.
  4. Students seeking the B.A. degree in Economics must earn a minimum grade point average of 2.00 in all business and economics courses attempted in the Cameron School of Business. No grade below a “C-” in the major will be accepted towards graduation.
  5. Admission to the Cameron School of Business is required for enrollment in 300- and 400-level business courses with the following exceptions: ECN 324 ; ECN 325 ; ECN 327 ; ECN 330 .

Additional Information:

Students who wish to pursue graduate studies (economics graduate school, law school, etc.) should consult a faculty advisor early in the major to identify elective courses outside the economics program that will aid them in gaining acceptance to graduate school.