Oct 02, 2022  
2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalogue 
2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalogue Archived Catalogue

EBD 490 - Business Development and Commercialization

Course focuses on  commercialization of an early stage firm’s product, technology and ideas. Issues such as scalability,licensing, intellectual property, project management, and the managerial side of expansion and growth will be studied. The course will also examine entrepreneurial activities commonly seen in coastal regions, such as marine science technologies, aquaculture, tourism, shipping, and other related activities. Extensive use of case study and field projects.

Credit Hours: 3

Prerequisite Courses: EBD 380 .
Additional Restrictions/Requirements: Admission to Cameron School of Business.
Course Repeatability: Course may be repeated. Maximum Repeatable Hours: 3

College Restriction
Cameron School of Business

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