Dec 07, 2023  
2012-2013 Graduate Catalogue 
2012-2013 Graduate Catalogue Archived Catalogue

CMR 555 - Robots at War: Examining the Evolution of Unmanned Vehicles in Armed Conflicts and Security Operations

Credits: (3)
Robots are with us, at war, today; indeed there are thousands of robots currently at war, operating beside, overhead, and at sea (both on and beneath the surface), our men and women in uniform.  Robots look nothing like us; they typically look like smaller versions of other existing machines of war:  airplanes, tanks, boats, and the like.  Robots do the 3D, or ‘dull, dirty, dangerous’ jobs such as long-endurance overhead surveillance, mine-detection and mine-clearing.  This course examines the evolution, state of the art of robotic systems and their multitudinous and growing roles in warfighting, intelligence gathering, and mine-clearing, among others.  It also considers the rapid growth of the technologies underlying unmanned vehicles, and the possible future directions that these technologies and applications might take.  Finally, the class will consider the roles of ‘freedoms’ that robots should have on the modern and future battlefields.

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