Aug 19, 2022  
2021-2022 Graduate Catalogue 
2021-2022 Graduate Catalogue Archived Catalogue

Healthcare Administration, M.H.A.

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Graduate Coordinator: Dr. Eric Richardson

The Master of Healthcare Administration (MHA) prepares early to mid-level careerists, by providing transformative learning experiences and foundational knowledge and skills, to serve as effective managers and administrators within a wide range of healthcare organizations throughout Southeastern NC and beyond. The 48 credit hour curriculum can be completed in as little as one (1) year by students who meet all preferred admission requirements.

Program Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the Master’s curriculum, the new graduate will be able to:

  • Analyze data that encompasses leading causes of mortality, morbidity, and health disparities among local, regional, and global populations that impact population health and associated healthcare organizations.
  • Create evidence based solutions aimed at improving cost, access, and quality of care.
  • Evaluate the internal and external environmental factors (social, cultural, economic, and political) impacting the strategic management of healthcare organizations.
  • Assess the impact of legal, ethical, economic, and regulatory dimensions of healthcare and public health policy.
  • Apply appropriate communication strategies based on communication goals and audience characteristics.
  • Design strategic planning initiatives that incorporate financial analysis, human capital management, operational improvement, marketing, and legal/regulatory compliance based upon knowledge of current literature and industry best practices.

Admission Requirements

Applicants to the masters in healthcare administration must seek admission to the UNCW Graduate School. For admission to a graduate degree program at the University of North Carolina - Wilmington, applicants must (1) hold a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited college or university in this country or its equivalent in a foreign institution. Equivalency of international baccalaureate degrees will be determined from a course-by-course transcript evaluation submitted to the Graduate School from a NACES ( approved agency; (2) have a strong overall academic record with a B average or better in the basic courses prerequisite to the area of proposed graduate study; and (3) meet additional admission requirement(s) as outlined by the graduate program.

The ideal candidate for the MHA is an early to mid-level careerist (the student) who presents with a bachelor’s degree in a healthcare-related discipline [i.e., business (with a healthcare concentration), healthcare administration, public health, nursing, or other allied health disciplines] and a minimum of at least one (1) year of work experience in a healthcare-related  field (including, not limited to: hospital, out-patient facility, public health entity, long-term care, etc.).  Candidates who meet the ideal entrance requirements of a bachelor’s degree in a healthcare related field and one (1) year of work experience in a healthcare related field can request a waiver of the required HCA 593 and 594 practicum courses after being admitted into the program.

Part-time Study for MHA Programs

Students may enroll part-time. Each student will work with his/her advisor in designing his/her part-time program of study. Students who are enrolled full-time and find it necessary to change their status to part-time will develop a part-time program of study with their advisor. The program must be completed in five (5) years from initial enrollment into the graduate program.

Degree Requirements (48 credit hours)

A total of forty-eight (48) graduate credit hours is required for the Master of Healthcare Administration degree.

A total of six (6) credit hours of transfer credit may be accepted with approval from the graduate coordinator. In addition, candidates who meet the ideal admission requirements (see above) can request a waiver of the required HCA 593 and HCA 594 practicum courses.

With the exception of six approved transfer credits, all non-practicum courses must be completed at UNCW.  An MHA student must earn a “B” or better in each required course. If a student earns a “C”, he/she must repeat the course and must earn a “B” or better to progress. A student will only be allowed to repeat one course. A student must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0 to progress through the program.

The program has no language requirement.

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