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2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalogue 
2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalogue Archived Catalogue

Mathematics, B.A.

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The B.A. degree options are designed with the goals of a broad liberal education in mind. Licensed secondary school teachers with a B.A. in mathematics are in high demand, as are qualified applicants for graduate schools in mathematics. Additionally, a B.A. degree in mathematics is regarded as excellent preparation for entrance to professional schools of law, medicine or business.

Requirements for the Major in Mathematics:

The requirements for both the B.A. and B.S. degrees in Mathematics consist of some common core courses and fulfillment of the requirements of one of several options.

It is strongly recommended that each student majoring in mathematics either complete a minor in a discipline that applies mathematics or elect advanced coursework involving mathematical applications in another discipline. A list of recommended courses in biology, chemistry, computer science, geography and geology, economics, information systems and operations management, physics, psychology, sociology and statistics is available in the department office. For the teacher licensure option, the licensure requirements fulfill this recommendation. A student who plans to pursue graduate study in mathematics is urged to take MAT 411 -MAT 412 .

Oral Communication Requirement:

To satisfy the oral communication requirement for the B.A. degree in Mathematics a student must successfully complete MAT 346 , MAT 471 , MAT 495 , or any other approved oral intensive course (see list here ).

Applied Learning Requirement:

To satisfy the applied learning requirement for the B.A. degree in Mathematics a student must successfully complete one or more of the following: MAT 495 , MAT 498 , MAT 499  or SEC 404 .

Requirements for a Major in Mathematics for the B.A. Degree:

Total: 30 hours


In addition, each student must fulfill the requirements of one of the following options:

Option 1. Mathematics:

45-48 hours in mathematics, statistics and related areas inclusive of the core requirements. This option is designed to provide the greatest flexibility to allow a student to achieve personal educational goals or to combine a mathematics major with a minor. In addition to the core requirements, the student must complete either MAT 495  or MAT 499  and 12 additional hours in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at the 300-400 level, at least 6 of which must be in mathematics. Recommended areas related to mathematics: biology, chemistry, computer science, economics, geography and geology, information systems and operations management, physics, psychology, sociology, statistics. PHY 201  is highly recommended as the university studies physical science requirement.

Option 2. Teacher Licensure in Mathematics:

In addition to completing the core requirements for the B.A. major in mathematics, students seeking licensure in mathematics must complete:

Total: 42 hours

Additional Information:

For information on the Teacher Education Program admissions criteria and the courses required for licensure in North Carolina, see the –Watson College of Education  section of this catalogue. Students planning to pursue licensure should apply to the Watson College of Education as soon as admissions requirements are met (typically in the junior year) and plan their programs in regular consultation with their advisors. Teacher licensure requirements are established at the state level and may be changed by the state at any time.

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