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2015-2016 Undergraduate Catalogue 
2015-2016 Undergraduate Catalogue Archived Catalogue

Postcolonial Studies Minor

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Dr. C. Cilano, coordinator.

The College of Arts and Sciences offers an interdisciplinary minor in postcolonial studies. This minor provides students with an expansive array of cultural, historical, political, sociological, and religious perspectives from which to understand and analyze global interrelations between nations, peoples, and environments. Courses included within the minor emphasize decolonized, currently colonized, and indigenous cultures within the anglophone, francophone, and hispanophone postcolonial worlds.

Additionally, students have the option of exploring other European and Asian colonizing powers. With this wide-ranging disciplinary scope as a basis, students are able to tailor an interest-specific comparative or geographical concentration within the minor itself by selecting from the large number of elective courses. Students should contact the coordinator in the Department of English for more information.

Requirements for the Postcolonial Studies Minor:

Students must take a total of 21 hours. Nine hours derive from the designated colonies and nations core courses. Students select an additional 6 credit hours from the global contexts electives. Six additional hours derive from the general electives list. Six credits from either Directed Individual Study or appropriate special topics courses may be included as electives with approval from the coordinator.

General Electives:

choose 2 courses for 6 hours.

Additional Information:

Students must have a “C” average (2.00) in courses counted for a minor in postcolonial studies.

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