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2014-2015 Graduate Catalogue 
2014-2015 Graduate Catalogue Archived Catalogue

Liberal Studies, M.A.

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Graduate Coordinator: Dr. Patricia Turrisi

The College of Arts and Sciences, the College of Health and Human Services, Watson College of Education and the Cameron School of Business offer a program that leads to the Master of Arts in Liberal Studies (MALS) degree. This program is for students who wish to design a personalized curriculum of interdisciplinary graduate study. Students can select from a variety of courses that will expand their interests and deepen their understanding of themselves, their society and the environment. This program reflects an older, cultural tradition of scholarship, which liberally educates the whole person, providing breadth and depth, but not necessarily applying directly to a career or vocation. The major objective of this program is to offer highly motivated, intellectually prepared student an opportunity to explore the questions and issues that are important to them and society.

Admission Requirements

Applicants seeking admission to the MALS program are required to submit the following to the Graduate School:

  1. An application for graduate admission
  2. Official transcripts of all college work (undergraduate and graduate)
  3. Three recommendations that address the student’s chances of success in a MALS program
  4. A writing sample in the form of an essay explaining how the MALS degree can assist the candidate in meeting his or her personal goals. Essays should be from one to five pages (single-spaced) and uploaded directly into the online application.
  5. Application and supplemental documents must be submitted by the published deadline.

Students seeking admission to the MALS program must hold a bachelor’s degree with an academic record of a “B” average or better in an undergraduate major from a regionally accredited college or university in this country or its equivalent from a foreign institution based on a four-year program.

At the discretion of the GLS Program Director, the admission procedure may also include an interview with a graduate coordinator of the program and a representative from the advisory committee.

Degree Requirements (30 total hours)

  1. The program requires a minimum of 30 semester hours of graduate study.
  2. No more than six hours may be taken from cross-listed 400/500 courses.
  3. Students must maintain a “B” average in all graduate courses taken.
  4. No more than six semester hours of credit may be transferred from another regionally accredited institution. Grades earned on transfer work must be equivalent to “B” or better. A minimum of 24 hours of graduate study must be completed in residence.
  5. A final project (GLS 598 ) of three credit hours is required of all students who have successfully completed 27 hours of course work. The project provides students with the opportunity to explore particular areas of study in greater depth under the close supervision of a faculty member. The final project may take the form of scholarly research or a creative work, but in all cases a written analysis is required to meet the degree requirements. Students will present their project to a forum of faculty and students.
  6. Students are expected to complete all course work within five years after enrollment. Students wishing to withdraw from the MALS program prior to the completion of thirty hours who have completed a minimum of fifteen hours in residence towards the MALS degree may be eligible for a certificate of study in liberal studies. Students must consult the director to apply for the certificate.

Required courses: Two courses are required for all students

Elective Courses

At least 15 of the 24 elective hours must be Graduate Liberal Studies (GLS) courses, with the exception of those students pursuing a concentration in gerontology or Hispanic studies.

Gerontology Concentration

Students pursuing a concentration in gerontology must take

Hispanic Studies Concentration

Students pursuing a concentration in Hispanic Studies are expected to be fluent in Spanish and must take a total of 18 hours distributed as follows:

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