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2023-2024 Graduate Catalogue 
2023-2024 Graduate Catalogue

Administrative Officers

Aswani K. Volety, Ph.D. — Chancellor

Bradley Ballou, M.P.S. — Chief of Staff
Michael Oblinger, M.S.A. — Director of Athletics
Mark W. Lanier, M.A. — Assistant to the Chancellor and Assistant Secretary, Board of Trustees
Kelly Mintern, C.P.A., C.I.A. – Chief Audit Executive
Lori Preiss, B.A. – Associate Vice Chancellor Human Resources
Donyell Roseboro, Ph.D. — Chief Diversity Officer
John P. Scherer II, J.D. — General Counsel
Andrea Weaver, B.A. – Chief Marketing and Communications Officer

Academic Affairs

James J. Winebrake, Ph.D. — Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

 Nate Miner, M.S. – Associate Provost for Administration and Resource Management
       Deanna Tirrell, M.S.B.A. – Director of Academic Personnel Administration
                 Margaret Demers, B.S.A. – Director of Academic Resource Administration
           Vacant – Associate Provost for Community Engagement and Impact
                 Jeremy Summers – Director, Artistic Operations
                  Fidias Reyes, M.P.A. – Director, Arts Engagement
                  Mitch Bloomer, Ph.D. – Director, Office of Continuing and Professional Education
                  James DeVita, Ph.D. – Director, High Impact Pathways
                  Amy Keith, M.A. – Director, Osher Lifelong Learning Institute
                 Sarah Daniels, M.P.A. – Director, Quality Enhancement for Non-Profits (QENO)
          Michael B. Wilhelm, Ed.D. – Associate Provost for Global Partnerships and International Education
                 Kara Pike Inman, Ed.D. – Director, Education Abroad
                 Kateryna Forynna, M.A. – Director, English Language Center
                 Jennifer Fernandez-Villa, Ed.D. – Director, Office of International Students and Scholars
          Christopher M. Finelli, Ph.D. – Associate Provost for Graduate, Continuing, and Lifelong Education;
                 Dean, Graduate School

           Andrew Mauk, Ph.D. – Associate Provost for Institutional Research and Planning
                 Kim Miller, D.M. – Director, Institutional Effectiveness
                 Michael Smith, Ed.D. – Director, Institutional Research and Analytics
          Stuart Borrett, Ph.D. – Associate Vice Provost for Research and Innovation
                 Heather McWhorter, M.S. – Interim Director, Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE)
                 Karl Ricanek, Ph.D. – Director, Institute for Interdisciplinary Identity Sciences (I3S)
                 Vacant – Director, MARBIONC
                 Justin Streuli, M.B.A. – Director, Office of Innovation and Commercialization (OIC)
                 Leanne Prete, M.A. – Director, Research Integrity Office (RIO)
                 Kati Chipps, M.A. – Director, Sponsored Programs and Research (SPARC)
           Cynthia Demetriou, Ph.D. – Associate Provost for Student Engagement, Enrollment, and Retention
                 Christine Pesetski, Ph.D. – Assistant Provost for Academic Advising; Director, University College
                 C. Lauren Franklin, Ed.D. – Director, Office of Admissions and Enrollment Management
                 Bill Kawczynski, B.A. – Director, Office of Military Affairs
                 Frederick Holding, M.S. – Director, Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid
                 Amanda Fleming, M.B.A. – University Registrar
          Lucy Holman, D.C.D. – Associate Provost for Teaching, Learning and Library Services;
                 Dean, Randall Library

                 Jacquelyn Lee, Ph.D. – Director, Center for Teaching Excellence
                 Jeremy Dickerson, Ed.D. – Assistant Provost for Distance Education and eLearning
          Michelle Scatton-Tessier, Ph.D., –  Interim Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education and
                 Faculty Affairs

                 Vacant – Director, Center for Faculty Leadership
                  Nathaniel Grove, Ph.D. – Director, Center for Support of Undergraduate Research and
                       Fellowships (CSURF)

                  Eva Mehl, Ph.D.. – Interim Director, Honors Scholars College
                 Donald Bushman, Ph.D. – Director, University Studies
          Robert Burrus, Ph.D. – Dean, Cameron School of Business
          Stephanie B. Caulder, Ph.D. – Founding Dean, College of Humanities, Social Sciences, and the Arts
          Ronald J. Vetter, Ph.D. – Founding Dean, College of Science and Engineering
          Jack C. Watson II, Ph.D. – Dean, College of Health and Human Services
          Carol McNulty, Ph.D. – Interim Dean, Watson College of Education
          Kenneth Halanych, Ph.D. – Executive Director, Center for Marine Science (CMS)

Business Affairs

Miles Lackey, M.B.A., M.P.A.  — Vice Chancellor for Business Affairs

           Gino Galutera, M.B.A. – Associate Vice Chancellor for Business Services
           Mark D. Morgan, B.S. — Associate Vice Chancellor for Facilities
           Sharyne A. Miller, Ed.D — Chief Information Officer
          Jennifer Leung, M.B.A. –  Associate Vice Chancellor for Finance
          Sharon B. Baucom, A.A.S. — Director of Facilities Administration
          Frank Brinkley, M.B.A. – Chief of University Police
          John L. Robinson, M.S. – Director of Purchasing Services
          David Olson, B.S. – Director of Physical Plant
 Mike Lloyd – Director of Campus Support Services
          Jeff Campbell, M.S. – Director of Environmental Health & Safety
Kristy Nance, B.S. - Interim Director of Budget, Planning & Analysis, 
              Director of Resource Management for Business Affairs 

          Tom McCarley, B.A. — Director of Project Management
          Vacant  - Director of Architectural and Construction Services
          Vacant - Director of CMS Facilities Operations
          Steve Sharpe, B.S. – Energy Manager
          Laura Gore, B.S. – Director of Student Accounts and University Cashier
          Heather Iannucci, M.B.A, - Controller
          Roberta LaSure, B.S.— Director of Associated Entities, Endowment & Real Estate
          Patricia L. Thompson, M.P.A.  — Director of IT Resource Management Services
          Paul Qualle, M.P.A.     Director of Enterprise Systems Support
Parker Moran, M.S.C.S. – Director of Network, Operations and Research
          Jarrett Piner, B.S.C.S., B.F.A., M.A.L.S. – Director of IT Project Management 
          Craig Olson, M.S.N.T. – Director of IT Security 

Student Affairs

William D. Schafer, Ph.D. — Interim Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

Michael A. Walker, Ed.D. — Associate Vice Chancellor and Dean of Students; Interim Director of
Title IX and Clery Compliance

Brian J. Victor, Ph.D. — Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
Myra Blow, M.S.M. – Executive Director of Resource Administration
Jen A. August, M.A. —  Director of CARE
Kevin Meaney, Ph.D. – Executive Director of Housing and Residence Life
Ania Peczalska, Ph.D. – Director of Assessment, Research, and Planning
Michele Johnson, M.Ed. – Director of Transition Programs
Jacob Frady, M.D. – Medical Director of Abrons Student Health Center
Jennie R. McNeilly, M.A. — Senior Associate Dean of Students
Timothy Lewis, M.S. — Director of Campus Recreation
Mark Perez-Lopez, Ph.D. — Director of Counseling Center and University Testing Services
Nadirah Pippen, L.P.C., N.C.C. – Director of Career Center
Katherine Krieger, M.A. – Director of Disability Resource Center
Katrin A. Wesner-Harts, Ed.D. — Director of Abrons Student Health Center and Health Promotion
William E. Wilkinson, M.A. — Director of University Learning Center
Larry Wray, M.S. – Executive Director of Campus Life

University Advancement

Edwin T. Stuart, M.P.A.  — Vice Chancellor for University Advancement

Melissa A. Kennedy, B.A. — Associate Vice Chancellor
Lindsay A.T. LeRoy, B.A. — Executive Director of the Alumni Association
Jordan H. Calfee, B.S. – Director of Advancement Events & Boards
Leslie Holdsworth, M.A. – Director of Development, Major Gifts, CSB
Vacant – Director of Development, Major Gifts, CHSSA
Dawn B. Carter, B.A.  — Director of Development, Major Gifts, WCE
Megan P. Gorham, M.B.A. — Director of Corporate and Foundation Engagement
Lindsay Crighton, M.A. — Director of Development, Major Gifts, CSE
Tim McClain, B.S. – Director of Legacy Gift Planning
Adam Fearing, M.A. — Director of Development, Major Gifts, Athletics; Executive Director, Seahawk Club
Paris Roebuck, B.S. — Development Officer for Alumni Giving
A. Vivian Locklear, M.B.A. – Development Officer for Diversity Initiatives
Kelli Wilson, M.P.A. – Director of Development, Major Gifts, CHHS
Ellie Barker, M.P.A. – Director of Annual Giving
Sarah Fetters, B.A. – Director of Advanced Communications
Judith Schieck, B.S. – Assistant Vice Chancellor for Development Operations
Melissa Sinclair, B.S. – Assistant Vice Chancellor for Major Gifts