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2011-2012 Undergraduate Catalogue 
2011-2012 Undergraduate Catalogue Archived Catalogue

College of Health and Human Services

Charles J. Hardy, founding dean

The College of Health and Human Services intends to be the leading authority in health professional education, policy, service delivery, research and continuing professional support in southeastern North Carolina and a state and national leader in the health services arena. The college will create and maintain the highest quality learning opportunities for students that prepare them to meet public health competencies, experience academic citizenship and apply scholarship. Our students and faculty will work in close partnerships with the community to apply scientific knowledge that serves the public and produces tangible benefits to the community.


  • Increase the number of high-quality health professionals to serve the region and state
  • Be a university of choice in North Carolina for future health service providers in nursing, social work, community health, health education, and human performance and development
  • Establish a transdisciplinary preparation, research and health service model
  • Create and sustain an environment in which diverse faculty and student teaching/learning teams can thrive
  • Promote and demonstrate community engagement, professional linkages, public service and applied scholarship as an integral value
  • Foster a passionate commitment to a learning environment that combines discovery, knowledge generation, synthesis and applied scholarship
  • Increase faculty and student scholarly productivity as evidenced by publications, research, grants, contracts and charitable gifts
  • Strengthen professional and community partnerships that are reciprocal, mutually beneficial and address issues of consequence for the state and region
  • Improve and increase professional education activities to address health workforce needs
  • Embrace international studies and experiences as a means of acquiring new models and disseminating successful models
  • Ensure that a model accountability process is visible and transparent to student and public review and for peer comparisons