May 26, 2024  
2014-2015 Graduate Catalogue 
2014-2015 Graduate Catalogue Archived Catalogue

Graduate Mentor Award

Each year the Graduate School honors an outstanding faculty mentor who places high value on and excels in mentoring graduate students. Nominees must be tenured graduate faculty who hold the rank of associate or full professor and are employed by UNCW in a full-time capacity. Below are past distinguished recipients of this award.                                       

1999 - 2000 Mr. Philip Gerard, professor creative writing
  Dr. Robert D. Roer, professor of biology
2000 - 2001 Dr. Richard M. Dillaman, professor of biology
2001 - 2002 Dr. Janet Mason Ellerby, professor of English
2002 - 2003 Dr. D. Ann Pabst, professor of biology
2003 - 2004 Dr. Joan D. Willey, professor of chemistry
2004 - 2005 Ms. Wendy Brenner, associate professor of creative writing
  Dr. Barbara F. Waxman, professor of English
2005 - 2006 Dr. Michael D. Wentworth, professor of English
2006 - 2007 Dr. William McCarthy, associate professor of history
  Dr. Nora E. Noel, professor of psychology
2007 - 2008 Dr. Carol Pilgrim, professor of psychology
  Dr. Martin Posey, professor of biology
2008 - 2009 Dr. Sally MacKain, professor of psychology
2009 - 2010 Dr. Lawrence B. Cahoon, professor of biology
2010 - 2011 Dr. Mahnaz Moallem, professor of education
2011 - 2012 Dr. Michael D. White, professor of creative writing
2012 - 2013 Dr. Thomas J. Barth, professor of public and international affairs
                                2013 - 2014 Dr. Richard L. Ogle, professor of psychology