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2013-2014 Graduate Catalogue 
2013-2014 Graduate Catalogue Archived Catalogue

Administrative Officers

William A. Sederburg, Ph.D. — Interim Chancellor

Max Allen, M.A. — Chief of Staff
Mark W. Lanier, M.A. — Assistant to the Chancellor and Assistant Secretary, Board of Trustees
Dana R. Harris, B.A., C.P.A., C.I.A. — Assistant to the Chancellor for Compliance and Director of Internal Audit
Jenni Harris, B.A. —- Assistant to the Chancellor for Community Partnerships
Jimmy F. Bass, M.S.A. — Assistant to the Chancellor and Director of Athletics
Robert R. Hoon, J.D. — General Counsel

Academic Affairs

Denise A. Battles, Ph.D. — Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

Stephen L. McFarland, Ph.D. — Vice Provost and Senior Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
Terrence M. Curran, Ed.D. — Associate Provost for Enrollment Management
Edelmira Isabel Segovia, M.A — Associate Provost for Institutional Diversity and Inclusion
Denise M. DiPuccio, Ph.D. — Assistant Provost for International Programs
Johnson O. Akinleye, Ph.D. — Associate Vice Chancellor for External Programs
Lisa Castellino, Ph.D. — Assistant Provost for Institutional Research and Assessment
Vacant — Assistant Vice Chancellor for Resource Management
P. Carol Ellis, Ph.D. — Assistant to the Provost
Lawrence S. Clark, J.D., L.L.M. — Dean, Cameron School of Business
Daniel G. Baden, Ph.D. — Director of Center for Marine Science
Stephen J. McNamee, Ph.D. — Interim Dean, College of Arts and Sciences
Charles J. Hardy, Ph.D. — Founding Dean, College of Health and Human Services
Ronald J. Vetter, Ph.D. — Interim Associate Provost for Research and Dean, Graduate School
Martin H. Posey, Ph.D. — Associate Vice Chancellor and Dean, Undergraduate Studies and University Studies
Jess M. Boersma, Ph.D. — Interim Director of Quality Enhancement Plan
Stephen S. Meinhold, Ph.D. — Associate Dean of Research
Christopher D. Lantz, Ph.D. — Director, School of Health and Applied Human Sciences
Deborah Pollard, Ph.D.  — Interim Director, School of Nursing
Lori Messinger, Ph.D. — Director, School of Social Work
Michelle A. Myers, M.Ed. — Director, University College
Sarah B. Watstein, M.L.S., M.P.A. — University Librarian
Kenneth Teitelbaum, Ph.D. — Dean, Watson College of Education
Marcio Moreno, M.A. — Director of Admissions
Caroline M. Clements, Ph.D. — Director of Center for Teaching Excellence and Faculty Leadership
Norman L. Bemelmans, B.M. — Director of Cultural Arts and Kenan Auditorium
Katherine E. Bruce, Ph.D. — Director of Honors Scholars College
Jill C. Fegley, Ph.D. — Director of Onslow County Extension Program
Jonathon T. Reece, M.Ed. — Registrar
Ixchel M. Baker-Tate, D.M. — Director of Scholarships and Financial Aid
Panda S. Powell, B.A. — Director of Sponsored Programs
Todd S. McFadden, M.A. — Director of the Upperman African American Cultural Center
Michelle Scatton-Tessier, Ph.D. — Director of Women’s Studies and Resource Center
Natalie V. Picazo, M.A. — Interim Director of Centro Hispano
Anthony Vaughn, M.Ed.— Director of University Space Planning and Management


Business Affairs

Charles A. Maimone, M.B.A. — Vice Chancellor for Business Affairs

Rick N. Whitfield, Ed.D. — Associate Vice Chancellor for Finance
Sharon H. Boyd, B.S. — Associate Vice Chancellor for Business Services
Robert W. Fraser, M.P.A., A.I.A. — Associate Vice Chancellor for Facilities
JoAnn McDowell — Interim Associate Vice Chancellor for Human Resources
Jan Lion Riemersma, B.S. — Controller
Sharon B. Baucom, A.A.S. — Director of Facilities Administration
David M. Donaldson, B.S. — Director of University Police
L. Stanley Edwards, B.S. — Director of Business Applications
Nadine L. Flint, B.S. — Director of Student Account Services
Mary E. Forsythe, B.S., C.P.M. — Director of Purchasing Services
Thomas A. Freshwater, B.S. — Director of Physical Plant
Brian Dailey, B.S. — Director of Auxiliary Services
Vacant — Special Assistant to Associate Vice Chancellor for Facilities
Stan H. Harts, M.S. — Director of Environmental Health and Safety
Mark D. Morgan, B.S. — Director of Architectural and Construction Services
Robert S. Russell, M.S. — Director of Budgets
Charles E. Shuford, B.S., P.E. — Director of Project Management
Carol B. Strickland, B.S. — Director of Planning and Budget
Cheryl D. Sutton, M.B.A. — HUB Coordinator and Special Assistant to Associate Vice Chancellor for Facililties

Information Technology Systems

E. Leah Kraus, M.Ed. — Interim Chief Information Officer

Bobby E. Miller — Interim Director of Operations and Systems Administration
Zachery S. Mitcham, M.S.A. — Information Technology Security Officer
Patricia L. Thompson, B.A. — Manager, Information Technology Resource Management
Steven S. Perry, B.S. — Director of Network and Communications
Beverly S. Vagnerini, M.S. — Director of Technology Research Assessment and Services
Kevin E. Violette, B.S. — Director of Integrated Enterprise Solutions
Tamara M. Violette, B.S. — Director of Classroom and Computer Technology Services
Robert Greene, A.S.T. — Director of Technology Assistance Center Services


Student Affairs

Patricia L. Leonard, M.A. — Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

Brian J. Victor, Ph.D. — Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
Ann M. Glossl, M.A. — Assistant Vice Chancellor
Michael A. Walker, Ed.D. — Associate Vice Chancellor and Dean of Students
Rebecca J. Caldwell, Ph.D. — Director of Substance Abuse and Violence Prevention
Vacant— Director of Center for Leadership Education and Service
Andrea J. Dorow, M.S. — Director of Transition Programs
Larry A. Wray, M.S. — Executive Director of Campus Life
Walter P. Laughlin, M.D. — Medical Director of Abrons Student Health Center
Andrew J. Mauk, Ph.D. — Director of Student Affairs Assessment, Research and Planning
Timothy R. McNeilly, M.A. — Director of Campus Recreation
Thom D. Rakes, M.Ed. — Director of Career Center/Assistant to Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs for Technology
B. Lynne Reeder, Ph.D. — Director of Counseling Center
Bradley W. Reid, M.S. — Director of Housing and Residence Life
Margaret N. Turner, Ed.D. — Director of Student Achievement Services
Katrin A. Wesner, M.S. — Director of Abrons Student Health Center


University Advancement

Edwin T. Stuart, M.P.A. — Vice Chancellor for University Advancement

Marla D. Rice-Evans, M.A. — Associate Vice Chancellor for Development
Vacant — Assistant Vice Chancellor
Claire Z. Stanley, B.A. — Assistant Vice Chancellor, Events and Donor Relations
Robert A. McInturf, M.A. — Director of Alumni Relations
Diane M. Pierce, B.A. — Director of Advancement Services and Prospect Management and Research
Melissa A. Kennedy, B.A. — Director of Annual Giving
Jon Barry Tomlinson, M.A. — Director of Development, Planned Giving
Beau J. Cummings, M.B.A. — Director of Development, Major Gifts
Stephanie F. David, B.A. — Director of Development, Parent Giving
Megan P. Gorham, M.B.A. — Director of Development, Corporate and Foundation Relations
Aron B. Johnson, B.S. — Director of Development, Major Gifts
Terri F. McDermot, M.A., M.Ed. — Director of Development, Major Gifts
Adam P. Keen, M.B.A. — Associate Director of Athletics for Major Gifts