Feb 27, 2021  
CURRENT 2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalogue 
CURRENT 2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalogue

Secondary Education, Bachelor’s/Master’s Combined Program

The combined program in secondary education is designed to provide qualified students the means to complete the requirements for a bachelor’s degree in mathematics, science, history, English, or a related field, and a master’s degree in secondary education in a period of five years (including one summer). The key feature of the program is that students take 3-6 credits of graduate coursework that will count for the student’s undergraduate and graduate program. Students will apply to take the 3-6 hours of graduate credit in fall of their senior year to begin graduate coursework in the spring semester. Students will apply to the Graduate School in the spring of their senior year to continue the program. The MAT cohort begins summer 1, so students must be fully admitted before then.

This program is designed for students currently in the B.A. or B.S. programs in mathematics, science, history, English, or a related field at UNCW who have:

  1. Completed a minimum of sixty (60) credit hours in their undergraduate program leading toward a major in mathematics, science, history, English, or a related field, including credits earned from advanced placement if they start at UNCW or are transfer students and have completed a minimum of two semesters as a full-time student at UNCW, a minimum of 24 hours.
  2. Completed a minimum of 9 hours of 300-400 level courses in the degree content area at the time of application.
  3. A minimum accumulated grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 at time of submission of application to the Graduate School.

Students who meet the above criteria may request permission from the department chair in Instructional Technology, Foundations and Secondary Education to apply up to 6 hours of graduate-level credit earned during their senior year towards their future master’s degree in Secondary Education. Departmental permission to apply to the bachelor’s/master’s degree program does not guarantee admission to the Graduate School and is contingent upon meeting eligibility requirements at the time of application. Acceptance will be provisional and contingent on meeting specified degree requirements; including completion of the bachelor’s degree.