Apr 19, 2021  
CURRENT 2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalogue 
CURRENT 2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalogue

Statistics, B.S.

The Bachelor of Science degree in statistics provides a variety of options for students wishing to study statistics. The program prepares graduates for careers as applied statisticians in government, business, and industry. Those students interested in further study beyond the bachelor’s level may take coursework giving them the theoretical depth required to pursue graduate degrees. In recognition of the interdisciplinary nature of statistics, coursework in other disciplines such as biology, computing, data science, economics, environmental studies, or social sciences can be undertaken, depending on the student’s interests. Since statistical practice routinely involves computers, most courses incorporate standard statistical software.

Oral Requirement:

To satisfy the oral requirement for the B.S. degree in Statistics a student must successfully complete STT 490  or STT 498 .

Applied Learning Requirement:

To satisfy the applied learning requirement for the B.S. degree in Statistics a student must successfully complete one or more of the following: STT 490  or STT 498 .

Requirements for a Major in Statistics for the B.S. Degree:

Total: 15 hours

Total: 21 hours

Elective Requirements:


  • At least 6 hours of collateral coursework in a substantive area of statistical or mathematical theory or application, approved by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. These courses may come from different disciplines and some must contain mathematical or statistical content. Any 300-400 level departmental classes (DSC, MAT, and STT prefixes) satisfy this requirement. Potential extra-departmental courses include BAN 300 , BAN 301 , BAN 302 , BIO 335 , CRM 301 , CSC 380 , ECN 377 , ECN 477 , FIN 335 , FIN 336 , PSY 417 , PSY 425 , and SOC 301 

Total: 12 hours

Recommended elective courses based on interest:

  • Actuarial Science: 
    MAT 381 , MAT 468 , and two additional STT electives.
    Consider additional coursework in mathematics and statistics.
  • Biostatistics:
     STT 420 , STT 425 , STT 430 , STT 450 .
    Consider additional course work in biology, community health, computer science, data science, and/or public health.
  • Data Science:
    DSC 301 , DSC 302 , STT 425 , STT 450 
    Consider additional coursework in business analytics, computer science, economics, mathematics, and/or statistics.
  • Econometrics: 
    ECN 377 , ECN 477 , STT 425 , STT 450 .
    Consider additional coursework in data science, economics, mathematics, and/or statistics.
  • Mathematical Statistics: 
    STT 566 , STT 567 , and two additional MAT or STT electives (requires graduate course eligibility).
    Consider additional coursework in mathematics and statistics.

Additional Information:

An overall average of “C” 2.00 or better is required for all 300-400-level statistics courses counted toward the major.

Accompanying majors, minors, and certifications to consider: actuarial science, biology, coastal engineering, chemistry, computer science, data science, economics, environmental science, geology, mathematics, marine biology, public health, physics, and psychology.