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    University of North Carolina Wilmington
  Oct 23, 2017
2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog

Digital Arts, B.A.

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Note: The Digital Arts major has been approved and will be fully implemented in Fall 2018. Students may enroll in classes in 2017-2018 that are in the curriculum and declare the major in Spring, 2018.  For advising, undeclared students should contact University College. Students who have declared a major and wish to consider switching their major to Digital Arts should contact Ned Irvine (, the program coordinator, for more information. The catalogue will be updated with degree requirements and course information when available.


The B.A. in Digital Arts is an interdisciplinary major combining courses from the Departments of Art and Art History and Computer Science. The program develops students’ technical, aesthetic, analytical, and problem-solving skills. It also prepares them to work in computer-art and design-related fields such as mobile-application and web design, game development, visual effects, interactive media, and other emerging opportunities at the cross-section of computer technology and the arts. The curriculum provides a foundation needed to pursue research at the graduate level in areas such as graphics, virtual reality, simulation, and human-computer interaction. Digital Arts educational objectives focus on equipping students with an interdisciplinary understanding of aesthetics, design, programming, and graphics to produce graduates who can enter into digital art and media application development fields.

There are two concentrations for the major:

Mobile Application and Web Development:
Focus is on software development for mobile devices and web applications for both server-side or client-side processing, user interface design issues of contexts, screen, input and functionality.

Interactive Graphics:
Focus is on designing interactive user experiences and 3D graphics for applications such as virtual/augmented reality, 3D animation, games, movie animation, data visualization, and digital art.

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