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    University of North Carolina Wilmington
  Aug 23, 2017
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2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog

Jazz Studies Minor

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3 semester hours of ensemble:

4 semester hours of applied music in the primary performance medium:

Total: 24 hours

Additional Information:

Courses counted toward a major in music (i.e., MUS 111 , MUS 112 , MUSL 111 , MUSL 112 ) cannot be counted toward completion of minor requirements. Six additional hours of electives may be chosen to fulfill minor requirements for music majors.

A minimum final grade of “C-” is required in each music course and an overall GPA of “C” (2.00) or better is required in courses counted toward the minor. Admission to the program requires approval by the Department of Music and an audition in the major performance medium.

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