Oct 31, 2020  
2015-2016 Graduate Catalogue 
2015-2016 Graduate Catalogue Archived Catalogue

Middle Grades Education Specialization, M.A.T.

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Graduate Coordinator: Dr. Kathleen Roney

Admission Requirements

To ensure that prospective teachers applying to the M.A.T program offered by the Watson College of Education know the content they will be teaching, applicants seeking admission to the M.A.T program in middle grades education are required to submit the following to the Graduate School:

1. An application for graduate admission
2. Official copies of transcripts of college work (graduate and undergraduate)
3. Three recommendations by individuals in relevant professional fields
4. In addition to materials required as part of the Graduate School application process, a letter of interest describing commitment to the teaching profession, prior experiences working with young adolescents, prior experiences in middle level schools, and philosophy of teaching and learning
5. Application and supplemental documents must be submitted by the published deadline

Candidates for the M.A.T program are strongly urged to have teaching experience documented before they apply in order to be knowledgeable about education in middle level schools and working with young adolescents. Such experience may include substitute teaching, part-time teaching, or volunteer work. An undergraduate grade average of “B” (GPA = 3.0) is a minimum requirement for graduate admission. However, admissions decisions are based upon several factors, and where other indicators of success warrant, individuals who fall below the established criterion in one of the areas may be considered for admission.

A bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited college or university must be completed before graduate study begins. The admissions process for this program may require an interview. Final selection will be based upon consideration of academic record, writing samples, recommendations, and possible interview performance.

NOTE: Licensure requirements change and requirements must be adjusted to accommodate new mandated competencies and guidelines.

Degree Requirements (33 total credit hours)

The program leading to the Master of Arts degree (M.A.T.) with middle grades education specialization seeks to prepare candidates for teaching young adolescents and addresses the North Carolina Professional Teaching Standards, the masters/advanced competencies which include standards in instructional expertise, knowledge of learners, research expertise, connecting subject matter and learners, and professional development leadership, as well as the North Carolina Standard Course of Study for middle grades teachers. Middle grades teacher candidates earn licensure in one or more of the following middle grades content areas: language arts, mathematics, social studies, science.

Core Courses

Leads to the North Carolina Level “A” license (24 credit hours)

All courses with the LIC prefix offer parallel graduate sections for existing undergraduate courses. The graduate sections incorporate a level of critical analysis appropriate for an advanced degree. In order to accomplish this level of critical analysis, graduate students complete additional assignments that engage them in research and critical thinking. They are also expected to take on leadership roles in the program.

Additional Requirements Leads to the North Carolina Level “M” license (9 credit hours)

These courses are necessary to complete requirements for the M.A.T. with specialization in Middle Grades Education. These focus on advanced professional understandings and content specialty.

Research (3 credit hours)

Content Specialty Area (6 credit hours)

  • EDN 500-599 HST 500-599
    EDL 500-599 SOC 500-599
    MIT 500-599 ANT 500-599
    EVS 500-599 ECN 500-599
    BIO 500-599 ENG 500-599
    CHM 500-599 LIC 500-599
    GGY 500-599 MAE 500-599

Exit Requirement

A comprehensive exit portfolio to address NC Level “A” licensure requirement; and a comprehensive presentation of graduate work to address NC Level “M” licensure requirement.

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