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2013-2014 Graduate Catalogue 
2013-2014 Graduate Catalogue Archived Catalogue

Middle Grades Education, M.Ed.

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Graduate Coordinator, Middle Grades Education: Dr. Kathleen Roney

The M.Ed., Middle Level Education, provides advanced training for individuals holding, or qualified to hold, North Carolina Class “A” teacher licensure in at least one area of middle grades education (6‐9). The 33‐semester hour program is comprised of three components: Professional core in which graduate candidates explore topics in research, curriculum, and diversity and their implications for middle level education; a focus area in which candidates conduct a deep investigation of issues related to middle level education; and a capstone experience that allows candidates to synthesize issues of middle level education. Based on the view of the professional as a decision‐maker, the specialization addresses the needs for conceptual and procedural bases for decision‐making and specific alternatives within the candidate’s anticipated area of professional practice.

Admission Requirements

1. Bachelor’s degree, earned from a regionally accredited institution, before graduate study begins.

2. Candidates must hold or be qualified to hold an initial Class “A” teacher license in at least one area of middle grades education (6‐9).

3. Official copies of transcripts of college work (graduate and undergraduate). 

4.  An undergraduate grade average of “B” (GPA = 3.0) or better is recommended.

5. Official scores on Graduate Record Exam (GRE) or Miller Analogies Test (MAT).

6. Three recommendations by individuals in relevant professional fields.

7. A letter of interest describing commitment to the teaching profession, prior experiences working with middle grades learners, prior experiences in schools, and philosophy of teaching and learning.


Degree Requirements (33 Hours)

Professional Core (9 hours required)

Concentration Option (18 hours required)

Interdisciplinary Studies (INST)

Interdisciplinary Studies provides a highly integrated exploration of education, which not only includes the study and role of teaching, but is specifically designed for highly motivated middle grades teachers who wish to deepen their understanding of the social, scientific, and humanistic dimension of teaching in the 21st century.  Candidates may choose from among the following courses:

ANT 500 - 599         
BIO 500 - 599          
CHM 500 - 599       
ECN 500 - 599         
EDL 500 - 599         
EDN 500 - 599         
ENG 500 - 599             
EVS 500 - 599
GGY 500 - 599
HST 500 - 599
LIC 500 - 599
MAE 500 - 599
SOC 500 - 599

Program Emphasis (6 hours required)

Exit Criteria

Graduate candidates will complete a comprehensive exit portfolio.


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