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    University of North Carolina Wilmington
  Jan 21, 2018
2011-2012 Undergraduate Catalogue Archived Catalogue

Department of Music

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Dr. C. Albergo, chair and music performance program coordinator. Mr. J. Chambers, Dr. F. Bongiorno, Dr. D. Cordle, Dr. S. Errante, Dr. J. Hickman, Dr. D. C. Johnson, Ms. N. King, Dr. J. LaCognata, Dr. S. Martin (music program coordinator), Mr. R. Nathanson, Dr. J. Rack (music education program coordinator), Mr. R. Russell, Dr. B.D. Salwen, Mr. J. Shynett, Dr. M.J. White.

The Department of Music offers three curricula for undergraduates who major in music. The Bachelor of Arts in music provides a broad education in the liberal arts as well as more specialized training in music theory, history and literature, and performance. The Bachelor of Music in Music Performance puts emphasis on training in music performance, enhanced by studies in music theory, music history and literature, and pedagogy, balanced by as rich an experience in the liberal arts as the program will allow. The Bachelor of Music in Music Education degree emphasizes music pedagogy and qualifies the student for the North Carolina Class A teaching license while also providing the requisite background in music theory, history and literature, and performance.

In the broadest sense, the primary mission of the Department of Music is to develop musicianship and competency in the specialized area of each student, through the application of creative expression in music performance; serve as a resource for students to explore areas of individual interest related to music in general or to the major; provide opportunities to develop skills for teaching music in the public schools, and as related to the major area of study; and contribute to the enrichment of cultural life and values of the university, community, and southeastern North Carolina.

Admission to UNCW and the Department of Music consists of a dual admission process. While application to the university is through the Office of Admissions, formal admission to the Department of Music and its degree programs must be made through an audition admission process. Application to the Department of Music may be made before admission to the university is completed. However, acceptance to the Department of Music does not guarantee admission to UNCW and is granted only after acceptance to the university.

Every applicant interested in pursuing a degree in music at UNCW is required to audition before a faculty committee in the performance area(s) selected for acceptance into the music program. Students may audition in more than one area. However, once approved in a principal performance area and/or degree program, another audition will be required to change the principal performance area, pursue multiple performance areas, or change from one degree program to another.

Each applicant desiring a degree in music will be considered by the faculty committee for acceptance on the basis of a successful audition in the applicant‘s principal performance medium. A satisfactory audition is required of all entering freshman and transfer students. In addition to the audition, students will take both a Theory Placement Examination and a Piano Proficiency Examination. The Theory Placement examination will be used to determine placement within the music theory sequence for the degree program. The Piano Proficiency examination will be used to determine placement within the class piano sequence for the degree program. Students with little or no piano experience will be placed directly into Class Piano I without a Proficiency Examination. Students not successfully passing the Piano Proficiency examination will be required to enroll in the appropriate level of Class Piano, as determined by the examination, in order to make regular progress toward completion of this requirement. Tape-recorded or DVD auditions may be acceptable if distance or scheduling conflicts do not permit a personal audition on one of the regularly scheduled audition dates. Admission to the performance and music education options also requires consent of the music faculty as represented by the program coordinator. Contact the Department of Music for audition application forms, dates, guidelines and additional information: Department of Music, (910) 962-3390, e-mail –, or by mail at the university address.

A minimum final grade of “C-” (2.00) is required in each music course and a cumulative grade point average of 2.00 or better is required for graduation.

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