May 27, 2018  
2011-2012 Undergraduate Catalogue 
2011-2012 Undergraduate Catalogue Archived Catalogue

Department of Film Studies

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Mr. D. Monahan, chair. Dr. Berliner, Dr. Bose, Dr. Buttino, Dr. K. Case, Mr. Hackler, Dr. M. Johnson, Mr. Pack, Dr. Palmer, Dr. G. Richardson (program coordinator), Mr. A. Silva, Ms. S. Silva.

The film studies major prepares students to participate in a world increasingly shaped by moving pictures. The major is founded on the principle that the study of cinema and the artistic production of motion pictures complement one another, and all film studies majors perform substantial work in both areas. Through courses that offer a foundation for understanding cinema—and its relation to culture, history, technology and aesthetics—the film studies major teaches students to create and analyze moving images, to produce research, and to make art.

Academic Gateway Requirements for the PFST and FST Majors:

Students seeking admission to the film studies (FST) major must complete a two-stage process, beginning with admission to the pre-film studies (PFST) major. Admission to the PFST major is competitive. Applications for admission will be accepted only from students who first earn a grade of “B-” or better in FST 200 . Applicants who earn a “B+” or better in FST 200  will be admitted automatically to the PFST major, upon submission of a brief application. Applicants who earn a “B” or “B-” in FST 200  must compete for a limited number of seats in the PFST major by submitting an application for review by department faculty that includes a degree audit and essay, demonstrating suitability for the major. Students who earn a “C+” or lower in FST 200  will not be admitted to the major.

In order to declare a FST major, a PFST major must first demonstrate skill in and dedication to the study of film by completing the required 9 hours in “core courses” in film studies (FST 200 , FST 201  and FST 205 ) with a minimum grade in each course of “B-” and an overall grade point average of “B” (3.00) or better in the three courses.

For purposes of admission to the PFST and FST majors, the department only credits students‘ first registered grades in core courses (i.e., in the admissions process, the department will not credit grades earned upon repeating a core course.)

Students seeking an internship course in film studies must have a minimum of 12 hours in previous film studies courses, junior or senior standing, and an overall 2.50 grade-point average. They must also submit an application in order to receive permission from the chair of the Department of Film Studies to enroll in the internship course.

A student in film studies must complete all requirements for the major with an overall 2.00 GPA or better.

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