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    University of North Carolina Wilmington
  Jul 21, 2017
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2011-2012 Undergraduate Catalogue Archived Catalogue

Department of Computer Science

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Dr. S. Narayan, chair and undergraduate program coordinator. Dr. Adhar, Dr. Berman, Mr. Bradley, Dr. C. Ferner, Ms. M. Ferner, Dr. Guinn, Dr. E. Patterson, Dr. L. Patterson, Dr. Ricanek, Dr. Simmonds, Dr. Tagliarini, Mr. Tompkins, Dr. Vetter (graduate program coordinator).

The Department of Computer Science offers two programs of study leading to the Bachelor of Science degree in computer science. Both options prepare students to attend graduate school and to pursue career opportunities in computer science or closely related areas. Both options follow the systems-based approach set forth by the Association for Computing Machinery and the IEEE Computer Society for undergraduate degree programs in computer science. Option 1 contains more thorough coverage of concepts in operating systems, scientific computing, and has more elective credit hours in upper-level computer science courses to allow students the flexibility to explore additional advanced topics. Option 2 is designed to give students a sound background in computer science and the opportunity for in-depth study of a computer science application area. The department offers courses in computer networking, computer architecture, web design and development, database management systems, parallel computing, computer graphics, artificial intelligence, and software engineering. Thus, the program of study can be tailored to a student‘s specific area of interest.

Students must have good analytical and problem-solving skills to be successful in computer science. In this regard, students need appropriate preparation in mathematical sciences. In addition, communication and reasoning skills are an important factor in a student‘s success both in college and in a career in computer science.

Students may declare a major in computer science after completion of CSC 100 , CSC 121 , CSC 133 , and CSC 221  with a grade point average of at least 2.50 on these four courses.

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