Jul 05, 2020  
CURRENT 2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalogue 
CURRENT 2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalogue

NSG 484 - Professional Nursing Capstone

This is a capstone course for registered nurses. Students will synthesize knowledge derived from nursing theory and practice experiences to provide a record of their professional development and transition to the role of the baccalaureate-prepared registered nurse.

Credit Hours: 2

Corequisite Courses: NSG 408  
Prerequisite Courses: NSG 316  and NSG 321  and NSG 323  and NSG 398  and NSG 406  and NSG 415  and NSG 482 .
Additional Restrictions/Requirements: Open only to students in RNBSN program.
Course Repeatablility: Course may not be repeated. Maximum Repeatable Hours: 2

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