Nov 29, 2020  
CURRENT 2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalogue 
CURRENT 2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalogue

Addendum 2020-21 Catalogue

Administrative Officers

Catalogue Change: Sept., 2020

Updated list of Academic Affairs officers to include the following officers: Kati Chipps, Director, SPARC; Leanne Prete, Director, RIO; Jeremy Summers, Director, Artistic Operations; and Fidias Reyes, Director, Arts Engagement.

University Calendar

Calendar Change: 10/5/20:

Summer 2021

July 14, Wednesday July 7, Wednesday Last day to withdraw with a W - undergraduate students
July 21, Wednesday,  July 14, Wednesday Last day to withdraw with a W - graduate students
July 28, Wednesday  July 21, Wednesday   Reading Day
July 29, Thursday July 22 Thursday Final Examinations/Term Ends

Catalogue Change: 10/1/20:

Spring 2021 Calendar  (Calendar updates due to continued impacts of Covid 19.)

January 7 January 13-May 7, 8 Semester Begins-Commencement
January 11 January 20-April 28 Classes Start-End
January 1, Friday New Year’s Day holiday
January 4, Monday University opens
January 7, Thursday Spring semester begins
January 13, Wednesday Faculty return date
January 18, Monday No classes (Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday)
January 11, Monday   January 20, Wednesday First day of classes
January 19, Tuesday  January 27, Wednesday Last day to drop or add a class
February 2, Tuesday Census Day
*Spring Break has been eliminated*
March 19, Friday  March 25, Thursday Last day to withdraw with a W - undergraduate students
April 1, Thursday No classes
April 2, Friday No classes (Good Friday holiday)
April 8, Friday April 15, Thursday Last  day to withdraw with a W - graduate students
April 28, Wednesday Last day of classes
April 29, Thursday Reading Day
April 30-May 6, Friday-Thursday Final examinations (See exam schedule)
May 7-8, Friday-Saturday Commencement
May 10, Monday Spring semester and Academic Year ends


Clincal Research B.S.

Calendar Change: 10/8/20:

Clarified paragraph heading to say “Student Learning Outcomes” instead of “Program Objectives”.


GGY 333 Applied Climatology
Added the sentence “Three lecture and three laboratory hours each week.” to the course description. References to lecture and lab hours had been inadvertently omitted from the course description.

CRM 301 Sociological Data Analysis and Interpretation

Clarified prerequisite language:

CRM 105 or SOC 105  or CRM 300  or SOC 300  or STT 215  or MAT 111  or a score of 4 or higher on the UNCW math placement test.

Prerequisite courses or higher, excluding excluding MAT 141  and MAT 142 , or appropriate math placement score.

CRM 105 or SOC 105 , and CRM 300  or SOC 300 ,  STT 215  or MAT 111  or higher (excluding MAT 141. MAT 142), or a score of 4 or higher on the UNCW math placement test.

COM 424 - Applying Coordinated Management of Meaning to the World Around Us

Clarified prerequisite language.

COM 305, and COM 200 with a minimum grade of “B.”  COM 200 with a minimum grade of ‘B’, and COM 305.”