Jan 23, 2020  
CURRENT 2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalogue 
CURRENT 2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalogue

Addendum 2019-20 Catalogue

Cyber Securities Minor

Catalogue Change: 11/8/19

MIS 365 was erroneously listed in both the core and elective requirements for the minor. MIS 365 was removed from the list of electives, and remains as core requirement.

Geography B.A.

Catalogue Change 10/22/19

The core requirements for the degree were modified to correct the omission of GGY 222, and to add the word “or” after GGY 281 to indicate that students could take either GGY 281 or GGY 322 to full the requirements.

Leadership Studies Minor

Catalogue Change: 9/19/20

Dr. J. Nottingham, Amy Garrett Dickkers, coordinator

The Watson College of Education offers an interdisciplinary minor in leadership studies for students in all majors. This minor provides students with an understanding of leadership theory and practice from multidimensional perspectives. Opportunities to engage in leadership experiences and challenges in a variety of contexts are also provided. Students complement core requirements with courses in more than thirty-five  a variety of academic disciplines. Students should contact the coordinator in the Watson College of Education for additional information.

Elective Courses:

Students select an additional 12 9 hours of elective courses in four academic areas from an approved list. For a list of approved elective courses, students should contact the coordinator of the leadership studies minor.

Medical Humanities Minor

Catalogue Change 10/8/19:

Correction of typo in the core requirements for the minor.  Replaced PAR 315 with PAR 215 Bioethics in the requirements.

Music, B.A.

Catalogue Change: 10/8/19:

Correcting the inadvertent omission of MUS 393 Junior Recital from the instrumental, piano and vocal course listings in the performance option, and from the jazz studies option for the degree.  The course now appears in the degree options.

Music Education, B.M.

Catalogue Change: 10/8/19:

Correcting the inadvertent omission of MUS 393 Junior Recital from the following concentrations for the degree: wind and percussion majors, string majors, vocal majors, and piano and guitar majors.  The course has been added back into the course listings for each of the concentration. 

University Calendar

Catalogue Change: 10/23/19:

Fall 2020

Augustst 12-13, Wednesday - Thursday

Transfer Orientation and Advising



Catalogue change 10/4/19:

The withdrawal deadline was extended due to the university closure for hurricane Dorian.

Fall 2019

 October 9, Wednesday October 17, Thursday Last day to withdraw with a W – undergraduate students

Catalogue Change: 9/27/19

Fall 2020

December 12, Friday Saturday


December 13, Saturday Sunday

On-campus housing closes 10 a.m.

Political Science, B.A.

Catalogue Change: 9/29/19

Added PLS 403 Public Opinion to the Directed Upper Level Electives option. It had been inadvertently omitted from the course options.


Catalogue Change: 10/17/19

PSY 459 - Added PSY 456 as a co-requisite in the course description to correct an omission.

Tuition Surcharge

Catalogue Change: 11/18/19

A bill to repeal the tuition surcharge in NC, NC - S225, was enacted by the NC legislature in July, 2019. The undergraduate catalogue was amended to remove language regarding the surcharge from the University Regulations, Expenses, and Enrichment Programs sections of the catalogue.

University Regulations:

All new undergraduates seeking a baccalaureate degree at the University of North Carolina Wilmington will be subjected to a 50% tuition surcharge if they take more than 140 credit hours to complete a four-year degree program or more than 110% of the required credit hours to complete an officially designated five-year program. For details concerning counted credit hours, students subject to the surcharge, students exempt from the surcharge, and the way that the surcharge is calculated, see the preceding catalogue section on Expenses, subsection, Tuition Surcharge or online at http://www.uncw.edu/reg/tuitionSurch-overview.htm.


After the fixed tuition period has expired, tuition surcharge shall be applied according to current regulation 1000.1.5 [R].
Students who take more than 140 degree credit hours to complete a baccalaureate degree in a four-year program, or more than 110 percent of the credit hours necessary to complete a baccalaureate degree in any program officially designated by the Board of Governors as a five-year program, shall be subject to a 50 percent tuition charge.

Note: The State Scholarship Program for Children of War Veterans administered by the North Carolina Division of Veterans Affairs will not cover the 50% tuition surcharge. Responsibility for the surcharge would be placed on the student.

Summer Sessions:
Summer Sessions constitutes an integral part of the university’s year-round program. The principal academic terms of summer are two five-week sessions and one ten-week session. A variety of courses are offered for students who wish to accelerate their progress toward graduation, to supplement the academic load carried during the regular terms, or to remove grade deficiencies. During the summer sessions, students from other colleges and universities may be admitted as visitors by using the “Visiting Student” application on the Summer Sessions web page. Undergraduate students may earn a maximum of 8 credit hours per session, and graduate students may earn up to 12 credit hours during the entire summer term. Credit hours earned during the summer are excluded from the fifty percent (50%) tuition surcharge imposed on students who take more than 140 credit hours to complete a baccalaureate degree in a four-year program. Further information concerning the summer sessions may be obtained by visiting the Summer Sessions web page at www.uncw.edu/summer/.