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2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalogue 
2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalogue Archived Catalogue

Course Descriptions

All undergraduate courses offered by the university are listed. Not all of the courses listed are offered within a single academic year. A listing of the courses offered during a given semester is available online before preregistration each semester.

Trial Courses

Academic departments may offer special trial courses during the fall and spring semesters on a one-time basis without adding them to their regular departmental offerings. A second trial offering, if additional data are essential, must be within two regular semesters of the first. Numbers designating these special courses are 292 and 492. Descriptive information on trial courses does not appear in the catalogue but is on file in the Office of the Registrar.

Sequenced Courses

A hyphen connecting courses (e.g., 201-202) indicates that the first course in the sequence must be satisfactorily completed prior to registration in the second course of the sequence. When course numbers are separated by a comma (e.g., 201, 202), the first course is not necessarily prerequisite to those following. 

Online Courses

The university currently offers a variety of online courses, and two degree programs, the RN to B.S. option in nursing and Bachelor of Science in clinical research (CLR), are delivered totally online. Such courses are so designated in the Class Schedule and are open to both on- and off-campus students. Students interested in these programs should consult the online courses Web site

Credits and Class Meetings

Unless specifically indicated at the end of the course description, the number of hours a class meets each week is the same as the credit hour value of the course. The semester hours credit for each course is indicated in parentheses immediately below the title of the course. For example, if three hours of credit may be earned, the credit is indicated as follows: (3). In variable credit courses, the minimum and maximum hours are shown as follows: (1-3).

Course Prefixes

The prefixes used to designate courses are abbreviations of the names of departments or fields of study within departments, as shown below:



   •  THR 416 - Playwriting Workshop
   •  THR 430 - Audio Engineering II
   •  THR 432 - Acting Technique: Jacobean Theatre
   •  THR 433 - Acting IV - Advanced Scene Study
   •  THR 435 - Acting for the Camera II
   •  THR 455 - Directing II
   •  THR 485 - Senior Project
   •  THR 486 - Senior Seminar: Performance
   •  THR 487 - Senior Seminar: Design and Technology
   •  THR 488 - Senior Seminar: Customized Option
   •  THR 491 - Directed Individual Study
   •  THR 495 - Theatre Seminars
   •  THR 498 - Internship in Theatre
   •  THR 499 - Honors Work in Theatre

Women’s and Gender Studies

   •  WGS 210 - Introduction to Women’s Studies
   •  WGS 212 - Sexuality and Gender
   •  WGS 230 - Women in Film
   •  WGS 280 - Special Topics in Women’s and Gender Studies
   •  WGS 491 - Directed Individual Study
   •  WGS 495 - Seminar in Women’s and Gender Studies
   •  WGS 498 - Internship in Women’s and Gender Studies

Graduate Course Reference

For information regarding Graduate courses, use the “Select Catalog” drop-down above, and navigate to the course descriptions page within the Graduate catalog.

   •  XX 000 - Graduate Course Reference

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