Jun 23, 2018  
2011-2012 Graduate Catalogue 
2011-2012 Graduate Catalogue Archived Catalogue

Administrative Officers

Gary Miller, Ph.D. — Chancellor

Max Allen, M.A. — Chief of Staff
Mark W. Lanier, M.A. — Assistant to the Chancellor and Assistant Secretary, Board of Trustees
JoAnn McDowell — Interim Assistant to the Chancellor for Human Resources
Dana R. Harris, B.A., C.P.A., C.I.A. — Assistant to the Chancellor for Compliance and Director of Internal Audit
Cynthia J. Lawson, M.Ed. — Assistant to the Chancellor for Marketing and Communications
Jimmy F. Bass, M.S.A. — Assistant to the Chancellor and Director of Athletics
Robert R. Hoon, J.D. — General Counsel

Academic Affairs

Cathy L. Barlow, Ed.D. — Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

Stephen L. McFarland, Ph.D. — Vice Provost
Terrence M. Curran, Ed.D. — Associate Provost for Enrollment Management
Jose E. Hernandez, Ed.D. — Associate Provost for Institutional Diversity and Inclusion
Denise M. DiPuccio, Ph.D. — Assistant Provost for International Programs
Johnson O. Akinleye, Ph.D. — Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Programs
Lisa Castellino, M.S. — Assistant Vice Chancellor for Institutional Research and Assessment
Adalia Ann Jessica Sova, M.P.A. — Assistant Vice Chancellor for Resource Management
P. Carol Ellis, Ph.D. — Assistant to the Provost
P. Nelson Reid, Ph.D. — Director of University Planning
Lawrence S. Clark, J.D., L.L.M. — Dean, Cameron School of Business
Daniel G. Baden, Ph.D. — Director of Center for Marine Science
David P. Cordle, D.M. — Dean, College of Arts and Sciences
Charles J. Hardy, Ph.D. — Founding Dean, College of Health and Human Services
Robert D. Roer, Ph.D. — Dean, Graduate School and Research
Stephen S. Meinhold, Ph.D. — Associate Dean of Research
Thomas J. Barth, Ph.D.  Interim Dean for Public Service and Continuing Studies
Walter B. (Terry) Kinney, Ph.D. — Interim Director, School of Health and Applied Human Sciences
James C. McCann, Ph.D. — Director, School of Nursing
Lori Messinger, Ph.D. — Director, School of Social Work
Kemille S. Moore, Ph.D. — Dean, University College
Sarah B. Watstein, M.L.S., M.P.A. — University Librarian
Kenneth Teitelbaum, Ph.D. — Dean, Watson School of Education
Janice H. Rockwell, M.Ed. — Director of Admissions
Caroline M. Clements, Ph.D. — Director of Center for Teaching Excellence and Faculty Leadership
Norman L. Bemelmans, B.M. — Director of Cultural Arts and Kenan Auditorium
Katherine E. Bruce, Ph.D. — Director of Honors Scholars Program
George W. (Bill) Ayers, Ph.D. — Interim Director of Onslow County Extension Program
Gilbert C. Bowen, M.A. — Registrar
Emily J. Bliss, M.A. — Director of Scholarships and Financial Aid
Panda S. Powell, B.A. — Director of Sponsored Programs
Todd S. McFadden, M.A. — Director of the Upperman African American Cultural Center
Michelle Scatton-Tessier, Ph.D. — Director of Women’s Studies and Resource Center
Edelmira Isabel Segovia, M.A. — Director of Centro Hispano
Martin H. Posey, Ph.D. — Accreditation Coordinator
Kimberly J. Cook, Ph.D. — QEP Topic Development Coordinator
Anthony Vaughn, M.Ed.— Director of University Space Planning and Management

Business Affairs

Charles A. Maimone, M.B.A. — Vice Chancellor for Business Affairs

Rick N. Whitfield, Ed.D. — Associate Vice Chancellor for Finance
Sharon H. Boyd, B.S. — Associate Vice Chancellor for Business Services
David C. Girardot, M.B.A. — Associate Vice Chancellor for Facilities
Jan Lion Riemersma, B.S. — Controller
Sharon B. Baucom, A.A.S. — Director of Facilities Administration
David M. Donaldson, B.S. — Director of University Police
L. Stanley Edwards, B.S. — Director of Business Applications
Nadine L. Flint, B.S. — Director of Student Account Services
Mary E. Forsythe, B.S., C.P.M. — Director of Purchasing Services
Thomas A. Freshwater, B.S. — Director of Physical Plant
Rita S. Gordon, M.B.A. — Director of Auxiliary Services
Billy J. Graves — Special Assistant to Associate Vice Chancellor for Facilities
Stan H. Harts, M.S. — Director of Environmental Health and Safety
Suzanne M. Helms, B.S. — Enterprise Risk Management Officer
Mark D. Morgan, B.S. — Director of Architectural and Construction Services
Robert S. Russell, M.S. — Director of Budgets
Charles E. Shuford, B.S., P.E. — Director of Project Management
Carol B. Strickland, B.S. — Director of Planning and Budget
Cheryl D. Sutton, M.B.A. — HUB Coordinator
Vacant — Director of Financial Systems

Information Technology Systems

E. Leah Kraus, M.Ed. — Interim Vice Chancellor for Information Technology Systems

E. Leah Kraus, M.Ed. — Associate Vice Chancellor for Services
Vacant — Associate Vice Chancellor for Infrastructure
Tony C. Copeland, B.S. — Director of Operations and Systems Administration
Zachery S. Mitcham, M.S.A. — Information Technology Security Officer
Patricia L. Thompson, A.A.S. — Manager, Information Technology Resource Management
Steven S. Perry, B.S. — Director of Network and Communications
Beverly S. Vagnerini, M.S. — Director of Technology Research Assessment and Services
Kevin E. Violette, B.S. — Director of Integrated Enterprise Solutions
Tamara M. Violette, B.S. — Director of Classroom and Computer Technology Services
Robert Greene, A.S.T. Director of Technology Assistance Center Services

Public Service and Continuing Studies

Thomas J. Barth, Ph.D. —. Interim Vice Chancellor for Public Service and Continuing Studies

Donna S. Chi, M.B.A. — Director of Resource Management
Karel H. Dutton, M.A.L.S. — Director of Continuing Studies
Sue M. Kezios, Ph.D. — Director of Youth Programs
Nancy D. Maready, M.A.Ed. — Director of Conference and Event Management
Kathy E. McDaniel, M.A. — Interim Director of Scholarly Community Outreach
Dustin H. Miller, B.S. — Director of Media Productions
Cecil W. “Woody” Sutton, M.A. — Director of Business Development

Student Affairs

Patricia L. Leonard, M.A. — Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

Brian J. Victor, Ph.D. — Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
Ann M. Glossl, M.A. — Assistant Vice Chancellor
Michael A. Walker, Ed.D. — Assistant Vice Chancellor and Dean of Students
Rebecca J. Caldwell, M.S. — Director of Substance Abuse and Violence Prevention
Donna C. Crowe, Ph.D. — Director of Center for Leadership Education and Service
Andrea J. Dorow, M.S. — Director of Transition Programs
Vacant — Executive Director of Campus Life
Walter P. Laughlin, M.D. — Medical Director of Abrons Student Health Center
Nathan K. Lindsay, Ph.D. — Director of Student Life Assessment
Timothy R. McNeilly, M.A. — Director of Campus Recreation
Thom D. Rakes, M.Ed. — Director of Career Center/Assistant to Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs for Technology
B. Lynne Reeder, Ph.D. — Director of Counseling Center
Bradley W. Reid, M.S. — Director of Housing and Residence Life
Margaret N. Turner, Ed.D. — Director of Student Achievement Services
Katrin A. Wesner, M.S. — Director of Abrons Student Health Center

University Advancement

Mary M. Gornto, B.A. — Vice Chancellor for University Advancement

Marla D. Rice-Evans, M.A. — Associate Vice Chancellor for Development
Edwin T. Stuart, M.P.A — Assistant Vice Chancellor
Robert A. McInturf, M.A. — Director of Alumni Relations
Claire Z. Stanley, B.A. — Director of Donor Relations
Suzanne W. Daughtridge, B.A. — Director of Advancement Services and Prospect Management and Research
Melissa A. Kennedy, B.A. — Director of Annual Giving
Jon Barry Tomlinson, M.A. — Director of Development, Planned Giving
Beau J. Cummings, M.B.A. — Director of Development, Leadership Gifts
Stephanie F. David, B.A. — Director of Development, Parent Giving
Megan P. Gorham, M.B.A. — Director of Development, Corporate and Foundation Relations
Aron B. Johnson, B.S. — Director of Development, Major Gifts
Terri F. McDermot, M.A., M.Ed. — Director of Development, Major Gifts
Thomas W. Scott, M.A. — Director of Development, Principal Gifts
P. Kevin Williamson, B.A. — Director of Development, Leadership Gifts